InboundMagic!  white label marketing automation system.

Premium Customer Targeting

With each interaction, bring your visitor into focus. Over time, get to know exactly who they are and provide a custom offer that speaks directly to them!

Close the ROI loop

Attack your top challenge, measuring the ROI of your campaigns. Monitor the actions, effectiveness and results of each campaign in order to provide reports that will keep your clients happy.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Predictable payments each month! Bill your customers monthly and create reliable recurring revenue.

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What is White Labeling and why would I want to do it?

White Labeling is the act of partnering with an established business solution in order to include a finished product or service in your core offerings to immediately grow your business.

The development work, startup costs and risk have all been handled. You just show up and put your brand on it as if you created it yourself! You just expanded your product offerings and started a new income stream in no-time flat!

What is InboundMagic!

InboundMagic! is LWD's own Marketing System designed to eliminate your learning curve and put you in the automated marketing business in the shortest time possible. You get your own turn-key marketing system complete with all the benefits and none of the hassle of creating it!

As an InboundMagic! partner, you'll get access to our "Path to Success" system complete with methodology, tools and support... and a full marketing automation platform for each of your customers.

What's in it for you?

Increase your customer base

Get new customers by adding a new product to your existing product line. Expand your expertise by offering an additional line of service. You'll build on your existing core competencies so the learning curve will be short and you can start by selling to your existing customers.


Save time and money

The "automated" in automated marketing means that, after initial setup, you'll be able to deliver quality services to your customers with minimal effort. More services in less time, great deal!

Generate recurring revenue

Like the idea of collecting predictable client payments each month? InboundMagic! does just that! InboundMagic! is an ongoing service that allows you to bill your clients monthly and create reliable recurring revenue.


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More Awesomeness. If all the other reasons weren't enough

  • Customize your offerings

    All communications will be customized with your or your customer's logos, colors and details. We support you and your customers will never know we're there.

  • Build on your core competencies

    Your expertise is marketing, communications and/or public relations, expand your services within your existing business proficiencies.

  • Tech supported

    You'll never have to wrestle with technical challenges, we're your IT department the entire way. Have a question or run into a problem? We're here.

  • Secure environment

    Your data is protected and backed up, and the server is monitored continually. You won't need any computer experience to operate your account.

  • Speed to market

    Being accepted as a partner only takes a short time, and when you enroll a new customer, you'll be ready to manage their account in a short time as well. You'll be up and running in no time!

  • Monetize other areas of your existing industry

    You're already an expert in your industry, why not take the advantage and make more money in an industry you already know!

Frequently asked questions

A few more common answers about how InboundMagic! works

What do I get as a White Label partner?

As a partner you'll receive access to our exclusive online sales and training Toolkit. The InboundMagic! Toolkit contains attractive sales presentation materials, product language for your company website, and a technical answers to address all of your client's InboundMagic! questions. You'll also have access to technical support from our experts and, of course, a full automated marketing platform for your clients.

How do I get started?

After you register and are accepted as a White Label partner, access your marketing tools in the InboundMagic! Toolkit to post your new service offering on your company website. You can quickly cut and paste scripted content for your website to instantly expand your list of services and broaden your client base. We've made your sales process simple by creating copy and graphics to show the benefits of how InboundMagic! can work for your client.

Is there any sales support?

The online InboundMagic! Toolkit will serve as your repository of sales tools. All materials are regularly updated so you'll always be up to date. You'll have access to:

  • pricing matrix
  • sales presentations and leave-behinds
  • easy to understand graphics to quickly explain the InboundMagic! process
  • benefits list
  • benefits statements
  • sales script
  • best practices guide
  • training videos (coming soon)

How do I register a new client?

Select the program level that fits your customer best and register them from within your portal. Registration will require information about your customer, a few campaign details and a payment source. Your customer signs an agreement with YOU, and YOU maintain exclusive communication with your client. InboundMagic! will provide technical and sales support to you and your staff upon your request.

How is InboundMagic! charged?

All programs require a one time Jumpstart fee (first month's startup fee), a subsequent monthly fee and minimum 6 month contract. As a White label partner, you'll receive a percentage of the start up fee as well as the monthly fee which is billed to you at a discount. You charge your clients per your standard contract and charge process. We suggest you use an automated credit card payment system (we can help you with this if you need).

Why the start up fee and 6 month contract?

InboundMagic! requires intensive one-time account setup activities that take place during the on-boarding process. The Jumpstart fee covers those startup costs and allows the customer to get to marketing as quickly as possible. Growing a business through Inbound marketing takes time, and for maximum effect, we need at least a 6 month customer commitment so the process can work effectively.

Some of our customers

A few companies happily enjoying InboundMagic!

Flexible packages & pricing

Select the right program for the right customer. Use different programs for different customers for the proper fit! Talk to us about custom configurations as well.



per month
  • JumpStart onboarding fee $299
  • 1K emails monthly
  • 500 active contacts
  • 2 active concurrent campaigns
  • Security and tech support



per month
  • JumpStart onboarding fee $999
  • 100K emails monthly
  • 5000 active contacts
  • Up to 8 active campaigns
  • Security and tech support

Levels of additional support

Once you have the correct program for your customer we'll create your custom system build and help you with your initial branding, email templates and campaigns. After the initial setup, we can provide you with the proper level of support you'll need to keep them happy.

Hands off - account setup and basic tech support only - Best for Marketers that know what they want and have the ability to provide it. Initial setup and tech support is supplied but after that we'll get out of your way.

Tactical - Best for Marketers that know what they want in an email marketing campaign but could use expert help with customization & implementation of the system.

Tactical & Strategic - Best for Marketers that want full support. This includes consulting with a Guru to create a strategic plan for a sales and marketing campaign and tactical help to set up the systems to operate accordingly. Of course tech support is included.

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